Annie Kwarteng Founder/CEO
The Jay Jay Forever Foundation, Inc. was established by Annie Kwarteng in November of 2020 after the Tragic loss of Antonio "Jay Jay" McGuire Jr. His death shed light on the fact that todays youth need more safe and positive outlets. We aim to decrease the amount of gun violence amongst youth by not only exposing them to new things but also by giving them something to look forward to on a reoccurring basis. We are a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. We have two main focus points. Alongside our goal to reduce gun violence amongst youth/ young adults, we also aim  to provide families who have loss a child to gun violence, emotional and financial support. We target socioeconomically disadvantaged communities and provide a youth entrepreneurship program as well as a youth  AAU basketball program. Most of our youth are conditioned to finish high school, go to college, then start a career. We were taught to become employees, work in that field until we retire. While this great, it isn’t ideal for a lot of people. Some our youth feel they have no purpose if they do not or can not stay on this narrow path. Our Boss Up! program changes the trajectory. This program teaches kids to create opportunities instead of wait for them. It shows the ones who struggle with authority that it’s ok to be THE BOSS. Our program exposes them to the world of entrepreneurship. We also offer mentoring, education in financial literacy, and incentive-based activities to promote successful entrepreneurs. We hope to develop the minds of today’s youth and young adults and ultimately strengthen the communities. 

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